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    Due to new search engine rules, ExploreNorth is currently being completely rebuilt to remove most links to other Web sites. What will remain from our 20,000-page peak will be the thousands of original articles and photos that we have posted pertaining to Alaska, the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia. During the rebuild, you can still access them with our site search engine.

    The focus of ExploreNorth is now a bit tighter than it had gotten to be, with travel information and history being paramount. Photography, both historic and current, will continue to be an important aspect of our interpretation of both of those subjects.

    A major part of this rebuild is the re-writing of the community and highway guides that are an important part of the site for many of our readers. The new guides will give more information and will only have links to major information sites about a specific community or highway.

This Week's Features:

Vancouver to Whitehorse Road Trip
Over the Easter 4-day weekend I drove a U-Haul truck to Whitehorse for a friend - the link is to the first of 5 blog posts about the trip, each with about 20 photos.

Riding the bumps of the far northern trail
Some stories of the challenges of doing research from any any modern comforts.

Education in the Territory of Alaska, 1887
An article from The Alaskan (Sitka, Alaska) of August 20, 1887, and the Alaska section of that year's federal Department of Education report.

The Klondike Letters of Hardin Lambert, 1897-1899
This collection of letters from Mr. Lambert to his family in Illinois takes him from home, along the Gold Rush Trail, to a simple grave in the heart of the Yukon Territory.

Alaska/Yukon RV Travel Books
All the latest guide books (The Milepost 2013, Church's, Alaska for Dummies, etc), as well as the classics.

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