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Welcome North! ExploreNorth is the world's largest Web site that focusses on travel in, and the history of, Alaska, the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia. The site currently (December 2014) consists of 24,138 files (approximately 5,000 pages) taking up 1.39GB of space.

    The thousands of pages of information rely heavily on photography, both historic and current, to share our passion for this region.

    A major rebuild is currently underway, and the site search engine is the best way to find much of the information until new navigation is created. In particular, the community and highway guides that are an important part of the site for many of our readers are being re-designed and re-written.

This Week's Features:

Enjoying Spring on the Beach at Dyea, Alaska
The vast, almost always empty beach at Dyea is one of my favourite places to go with the dogs as Spring approaches.

Catching a Lake as it Became Land
Northern lakes have formed, filled and emptied for thousands of years, but this is the first time scientists have observed it with instruments.

The Mayo Valley Railway
Although most of the Yukon's railway-planning boom took place soon after the Klondike gold was discovered, new ones were still being incorporated in 1921.

Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" (1925)
This silent film comedy was written, produced, directed by, and starred Charlie Chaplin in his Little Tramp role (1:28:30).

Alaska/Yukon RV Travel Books
All the latest guide books (The Milepost 2014, Church's, Alaska for Dummies, etc), as well as the classics.