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Welcome North! ExploreNorth is the world's largest Web site that focusses on travel in, and the history of, Alaska, the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia. The site currently (December 2015) consists of 27,038 files (approximately 5,300 pages) taking up 1.72GB of space.

    The thousands of pages of information rely heavily on photography, both historic and current, to share our passion for this region.

    A major rebuild is currently underway, and the site search engine is the best way to find much of the information until new navigation is created. In particular, the community and highway guides that are an important part of the site for many of our readers are being re-designed and re-written.

This Week's Features:

Leave No Trace – Stop Building Cairns / Inukshuks
Has the wilderness for many people just become a unique place to take a quick selfie - made even better when you've left your mark by building cairns?

Dempster Highway Road Log & Photo Album
Expanded and updated in late July 2016, it now has over 30 captioned photos.

Cos Jacket - ghost town on the Tanana River
No one lives at Cos Jacket anymore. There is a cabin-size cache with a tin roof, and a few sagging log structures sit on a ledge overhanging the Tanana.

Bear Viewing in Alaska
Where to see black bears, brown bears (grizzlies), and polar bears.

Alaska/Yukon RV Travel Books
All the latest guide books (The Milepost 2016, Church's, Alaska for Dummies, etc), as well as the classics.