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Fuel Prices:
Alaska, Yukon & Neighbouring Areas

Updated April 26, 2011

at about Mile 863, south of Jake's Corner     The most common question we get from people as they work out the final details of their trip up the Alaska Highway is "What can we expect in the way of fuel prices?"

    What follows is a list of the prices that have been recorded along Northern highways recently. Please note that prices change often.

    The usual rationale for higher prices at certain locations is "transportation costs." However, as you will see, prices do not consistently get higher as you get further north. Although this is by no means a complete list, it will give you a good idea of what to expect - we suggest that you print this list out and carry it with you - when you stop somewhere and see prices that are higher than you expected, use this list to see if you can reach a place with lower prices. Be very cautious, though, that you have lots of fuel - to run out of fuel while trying to reach a place that had fuel 4 cents a liter cheaper would make no sense.

    Another story that isn't true is that the major centres offer cheaper fuel - even The Milepost errs there. Some of the most remote lodges have the best prices. Among the consistent ones in that regard are Contact Creek and Iron Creek Lodges.

Oil prices from the Anchorage Daily News.

    Contributions to make this list more complete are most welcome - just send me a note with the details.

Definitions & Conversions:

  • prices are in cents per liter for Canadian locations - the Canadian dollar is currently (April 26, 2011) at about par with the US dollar (see today's rate)
  • a liter equals 0.264 US gallons (3.78 liters = 1 US gallon)
  • a close approximation is that gas at $1.12 per liter is the same as $4.24 US per US gallon.

    Volume Conversion Tool
    US Gallons: Liters:

    Calculation Value Used: 1 U.S. Gallon = 3.785 Liters


    Access routes from south


    Alaska Highway

    Mile 918 - Whitehorse, YT
    Regular: $1.349 (April 26, 2011)
    Diesel: $1.299 (April 26, 2011)

    Klondike Highway

    Skagway, AK
    Regular: $4.438 (April 23, 2011)

    Other Highways


    Anchorage, Fairbanks & Juneau
    Current prices for all gas grades and diesel (updated daily).


    Fuel Cost Calculator for your specific vehicle, for Lower 48 states trips.

    Road Reports

    How to Drive to Alaska in the Summer

    How to Drive to Alaska in the Winter

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