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Tales from Wolf Willow Cottage

The story of how Moose got one of his most distinctive features - Wolf Willow Cottage, Yukon

How Moose got his Satchel

  One day Mother Earth created Raven. She loved him because he played tricks and made her smile.

  She asked Moose to carry Raven to all corners of her Northern Woodlands so that everyone could smile.

  Moose had no arms with which to carry Raven. He needed his four strong legs to get him through the deep forest undergrowth.

  So Mother Earth gave Moose a satchel to wear around his neck, in which to carry Raven.

  One winter, the snow became too deep for Moose to move through the forest, and he was forced to stop and rest.

  Then Mother Earth decided to give Raven wings so that he could carry himself.

  Today, though, Moose still wears the satchel given to him by Mother Earth around his neck.

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This story was written and created by
Gail Wilson
Wolf Willow Cottage

Box 159
Carcross, Yukon   Y0B 1B0
Phone: (867) 333-1295

A "story bag" containing a copy of the story and a wooden wolf are available for $10 Canadian.

Moose's satchel is usually called a "bell" or "dewlap."

The wolf graphic is © 2001 by Gail Wilson and Wolf Willow Cottage. Both the story and graphic are published here with permission.