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Tales from Wolf Willow Cottage

The story of Wolf Willow - Wolf Willow Cottage, Yukon

The Story of Wolf, Willow and Wind

  A very long time ago, deep in the northern forest, twins were born. Their Mother was Earth.

  She called the boy Wolf and the girl she named Willow.

  The children loved to roam the forest, always together, never far apart.

  Wind was their friend. Willow loved to dance and sway with Wind while Wolf ran by Wind's side, allowing Wind to carry his voice.

  Years passed and it was time for the children to grow up. But they did not want to grow up.

  They did want to forget how to play.
They did not want to forget their friend Wind.
They did not want to forget their Mother.

  They pleaded with Mother Earth to allow them to remain the same.

  Mother Earth knows that all creations cannot remain the same. But she heard her children. She understood. She wanted her children and her children's children to remain happy and free and to be a part of her forever.

  And so it became.

  Have you not, yourself, seen Willow swaying or heard the voice of Wolf carried on the Wind?

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This story was written and created by
Gail Wilson
Wolf Willow Cottage

Box 159
Carcross, Yukon   Y0B 1B0
Phone: (867) 333-1295

A "story bag" containing a copy of the story and a wooden wolf are available for $10 Canadian.

The wolf graphic is © 2001-2008 by Gail Wilson and Wolf Willow Cottage. Both the story and graphic are published here with permission.