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Alaskan Airways - Midnight Sun Flights, 1930

Arctic & Northern Aviation

    The following ads and article appeared in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner of June 27, 1930. An article on June 19th stated: "The first of the Alaskan Airways' midnight sun flights was made last night in a Fairchild monoplane with Pilot S. E. Robbins at the controls. Leaving the local airport at 11:30 p.m. the plane ascended to 8,000 feet. Those making the trip were Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Jennings, Mrs. Lily Hoyt, Miss Helen Linck, Bernie Carr and Frank Angerman. The color effects formed when the sun shone through a layer of clouds are said to have been gorgeous."

    An article on June 21st about a week-long business visit to Fairbanks by H. Y. Baird, sales and service representative of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company, including his statement about one of the midnight sun flights the previous night: "It was a very wonderful sight and worth anyone's trip from the States to see this alone. We went up over 8,000 feet and saw the sun rise and set five times within a few minutes."

    In 1931, the Alaskan Airways ad for their Midnight Sun Flights include a photo of their fleet of aircraft.

    Alaskan Airways was formed in 1929 when Carl Ben Eielson convinced officials of the Aviation Corporation of America to buy several small aircraft operators in Alaska, including Anchorage Air Transport. Eielson was named vice president and general manager of the new company, and they soon got a contract to fly 15 stranded passengers and 6 tons of furs (worth $1 million) from the trading ship Nanuck, which was stranded in the ice off Siberia. On November 9, 1929, Eielson and his mechanic, Earl Borland, were killed when their Hamilton Metalplane crashed on a small island off the Siberian coast in a blizzard on their second flight to the ship.

Alaskan Airways, 1930

Alaskan Airways - Midnight Sun Flights, 1930

Alaskan Airways - Midnight Sun Flights, 1930

    Below, the layout of the whole top of the page where those ads are article were placed can be seen.

Alaskan Airways ads in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 1930