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Alaska State Trooper Tage B. Toll

Alaska State Trooper Tage Toll     Alaska State Trooper Tage B. Toll, 40, of Talkeetna, was killed on March 30, 2013, in the crash of the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s Helo-1, while returning from the successful rescue of a stranded snowmobiler near Talkeetna.

    Trooper Tage Toll became a trooper in 2003 after working two years with the Kansas Highway Patrol. Originally from Clifford, Kansas, Toll attended the Public Safety Academy in February of 2003. After graduating from the academy in July of 2003, Toll received his initial field training at the Alaska State Trooper post in Fairbanks. In October of 2004, Toll transferred to a position with the wildlife arm of Alaska State Troopers, the Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement, in Glennallen. After more than two years, Toll transferred to the AST post in Northway. Then in September of 2009, Toll transferred to Talkeetna. At this post, he worked aside a sergeant, an administrative clerk, an Alaska Wildlife Trooper and three other Alaska State Troopers. Toll was often tasked as an Officer-In-Charge during shifts.

    Toll is a Department of Public Safety firearms instructor and a member of the Southcentral Special Emergency Reaction Team. He was recipient of the 2012 Shooting Award for the highest average score for B Detachment. He often offered to accompany his co-workers to the range to help them improve their marksmanship. He also was a nominee for the Governor's Denali Peak Performance Award this year for excellent customer service.

    Toll was known as a hard worker. He was a licensed private pilot and loved to fly his Super Cub on his days off. He is survived by his wife and three sons.

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