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The Naming of Alaska

Explorers: "I-J"

These biographies are from Marcus Baker's monumental Geographic Dictionary of Alaska, published in 1902 by the United States Geological Survey. It detailed the origin of thousands of geographical place names in the Territory of Alaska, and provided brief biographies of about 120 of the people who had given the names described.
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Ilin, 1818-1842

    Staff-Capt. Peter Ivanovich Ilin, of the Pilot Corps, sailed from Cronstadt for the Russian American colonies with Golofnin in the Kamchatka on August 26, 1817. In 1831, in a skin boat (baidar) 23 feet long, he surveyed the eastern coast of Kamchatka from Avacha bay northward to Cape Shipunski (Journal Rus. Hyd. Dept., 1852, Vol. X, pp. 125-185). This man is supposed to be the one who surveyed, at an unknown date, a bay on the western shore of Chichagof island, a bay which after him has been called Ilina - i.e., Ilin's. His sketch is contained in Sheet XXIII of Sarichef's atlas, published in 1826. Ilin died in Okhotsk (one account says Kamchatka) in 1842. (Journal Rus. Hyd. Dept., 1850, Vol. VIII, p. 169.)

Ingenstrem, 1829-1832

    Ingenstrem was a pilot in the employment of the Russian American Company and often visited Atka, where he twice wintered and made various surveys on Atka and Amlia. He did not publish anything. His results are incorporated in Tebenkof, Lutke, and on Russian Hydrographic chart 1400. Very little information is on record about him. Even the spelling of his name is uncertain. Grewingk says that he made surveys in the western Aleutians in 1829. In 1830-1832, in company with Chernof, he did surveying in Prince William sound and at the mouth of Kaknu river, Cook inlet.

Jackson, 1877-1900

    Rev. Sheldon Jackson, Presbyterian missionary and since 1885 general agent for education in Alaska, first visited Alaska in August, 1877, in the interest of schools and missions. He made a second trip on the same errand in 1879. Other visits followed, and since his government appointment in 1885 he has made annual visits to the Territory, traveling extensively in various parts on inspecting tours. Reports on this work are published annually in the Report of the Commissioner of Education.