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The Weekly Star

Whitehorse, Yukon,     August 25, 1911

Midland Railroad - Preliminary Survey Made
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Farewell, Dr. Pare - Longtime Resident Police Surgeon Quits Service
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Vested Choir

    For the first time in the history of Whitehorse music was furnished in one of her churches, the church of England, last Sunday morning by a fully vested choir of young boys. Rev. Blackwell has organized a good choir and is justifiably proud of the results.

New Men Named

    From the offices of the White Pass & Yukon Route at Vancouver official circulars have been issued naming G. H. Miller as auditor, vice W. B. King resigned, and C. J. Rogers has been named acting purchasing agent, vice H. H. Phillips resigned. The former will be located at Skagway and the latter at Vancouver.Both appointments became effective August 1st.

    The articles are a sampling of the news, local, regional and international, on the front page of The Weekly Star of August 25, 1911. All are reproduced completely, with no corrections made to spelling or other errors.