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The Whitehorse Star

Whitehorse, Yukon,     August 7, 1936

Five People Drown at Haines, Alaska
(posted on a separate page)

Deck Hand Suffers Broken Leg in Entangled Cable

    Fred Webber, deck-hand on the steamer Whitehorse, suffered a painful injury when his leg was broken while he was engaged with the crew in lining the steamer through Hell's Gate on Monday morning.

    Mr. Webber's leg became entangled in a twisted cable and before the crew were able to stop the winch his leg was fractured in two places.

    Fortunately there were two doctors aboard, Dr. Burke of Fort Yukon and a tourist, who were able to set the mangled limb.

    Immediately upon arrival of the steamer here the injured man was rushed to the General Hospital for treatment and late reports state he is resting easily.

Classy Boat for Company Constructed by Dan Gillis

    The finishing touches are being given to the new shovel-nosed tunnel boat built for the British Yukon Navigation Co. by Dan Gillis, local builder and contractor. Of sturdy construction, the boat is well finished in every detail.

    The vessel will be used chiefly for use as a work boat for thes steamer Keno and will be used to line the steamer up the banks of the Stewart River.

    Powered with a 5-10 horse power Universal Blue Jacket Twin unit installed by Dan Gillis, the craft will have ample power and will prove of real assistance to the steamer Keno in handling the freight to Mayo.

First Hunters of Season Leave for Jacquot Post

    The Wickwire hunting party from Buffalo, New York, consisting of six persons, the first hunting party of this season, arrived on Friday's train and left by plane the following morning fr Kluane, where they will spend the summer hunting ... [article incomplete]

S.S. Maquinna to Bring Explosives and Gas North

    Conveying explosives, gasoline and ... [article incomplete]

    The articles are a sampling of the news, local, regional and international, on the front page of the Whitehorse Star of August 7, 1936. All are reproduced completely, with no corrections made to spelling or other errors.