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The Whitehorse Star

Whitehorse, Yukon,     June 1, 1945

Patrick McCanney Drowns Near Shipyards
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Historic Non-Stop Flight Whitehorse-London by "Lancaster Aries"
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Yukon Fish & Game Association Dance Well Patronized.

    As was to be expected the Fishermen's party held at the "98" Ballroom Tuesday night was well patronized and enjoyed by everyone. Special interest was evinced in the drawing for numerous prizes as well as in a side show which although announced by Mr. E. F. Pinclain as "having nothing in it worth seeing" (which was literally true) nevertheless was the means for additional revenue for the association secured by way of admission charges paid by the curious. It reminded one of Barnum's wise-crack "There's one born every minute." The lucky prize winners were: R. Dickson of Champagne, D. McLimon, L. Higgins, Nellie Grant, T. Portlock, Mrs. A. McCarter, W. D. MacBride, Miss Ann Bartlett, J. Robinson, A. Pettipas, A. J. Halkett, C. Emminger, R. McCoy, J. Brewster, H. Gennings, Alex. Davis of Champagne, Roy Newton, Sgt. C. Speck, Const. Jas. Rogers, R.C.M.P., Miss Velma Ritchie, G. R. Belanger, Mrs. R. Gibbs, Capt. F. Steeves, S. Dunbrack, W. Carveth, Mrs. R. Wilson (Champagne), H. W. Adcock, Miss Nancy Morris, Otto Berg and Mrs. A. K. Halkett.

    A pleasing feature in the drawing for prizes, which was graciously undertaken by Mrs. A. K. Farley, was the fact that she happened to be the winner of the first prize drawn for. This she requested to be drawn for again with the result that Bob McCoy became the winner of te prize - 2 years' subscription to "Hunting & Fishing Magazine" which he generously donated to the Whitehorse Public Library.

    The officers and committee of the association responsible for making the necessary arrangements for the party take this opportunity of expressing their appreciation and thanks for the generous public support which it received.

Arrangements for Displaying National Films Being Made.

    At the last meeting of the Whitehorse Men's Council Mr. A. E. Hardy disclosed that arrangements were about to be completed for Whitehorse to join the circuit of the National Film Board whereby at regular intervals standard films of national character will be displayed for the public pleasure under the direction of the Whitehorse Men's Council. At the meeting the necessary resolution was unanimously passed authorizing the executive committee to proceed intata with the purchase of the necessary projector. The local schools will also have the opportunity of using the service.

Canadian Legion Wants Two Years Training.

    At the annual convention of the British Columbia command of the Canadian Legion held in Revelstoke this week a resolution was endorsed calling for 2 years compulsory military training in the militia for Canadian youth. It was urged that training be made effective at the age of 18 with provision that trainees must attend a stated number of parades each year.

Procedure for Final War Prisoners Being Mapped Out.

    A meeting is being held in London, Eng., this week to plan procedure for bringing war criminals to justice as speedily as possible. Representatives of 16 United Nations are in attendance with Lord Wright as chairman of the International War Crimes Commission. It is interesting to note that the British renegade, Mr. William Joyce, who was nicknamed "Lord Haw-Haw," will be tried under the Treachery Act of 1940 or for high treason under a British statute and not as a war criminal.

General Hoffmeister of Vancouver Given Far East Command.

    Major-General Bert M. Hoffmeister, who led the Seaforth Highlanders in Sicily, and later became commander of the 5th Armoured Division, has now been appointed commander of the Canadian Far East force, officially identified Wednesday for the first time as the 6th Division.

Newton-Cyr Nuptials Solemnized at Christ Church Wednesday.

    A very pretty wedding was solemnized Wednesday at Christ Church (The Old Log Church) when Miss Edith Cyr, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Cyr, ... residents here, became the wife of Mr. Roy Newton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Newton. ... The bride was ... [photocopy of article is incomplete]

    The articles are a sampling of the news, local, regional and international, on the front page of the Whitehorse Star of June 1, 1945. All are reproduced completely, with no corrections made to spelling or other errors.