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Yukon Order of Pioneers

A Bibliography of Source Material
Available at the Yukon Archives

The Yukon Order of Pioneers

Yukon Archives Web site

Corporate Records

COR O/S 8: Maggie’s Museum collection, #77/60, 1898-1976.
Membership certificate belonging to Jesse A. West, dated March 25, 1928.

COR O/S 8: Yukon Order of Pioneers collection, #94/139.
Membership certificate belonging to Hector Rail, dated 1974. He arrived in the Yukon in February 1944.

COR O/S 12: Yukon Order of Pioneers collection, #94/139, 1894-1897.
Minute book from Fortmile Y.O.O.P. lodge.

COR 004: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson Lodge No. 1 collection, #85/47, 1972-1982.
Y.O.O.P. Dawson Lodge No. 1 minutes and membership applications.

COR 073, File #6: Sisters of Saint Ann collection, #81/45-1, 1899-1974.
Newspaper clipping on the Y.O.O.P. and Sisters of St. Ann.

COR 0220: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson Lodge No. 1 collection, #82/2, 1943 -1981.
Note: Lists of members and payments of dues for 1943-1962 and membership applications for 1972-1981.

COR 0221-0225: Yukon Order of Pioneers collection, #82/454, 1887-1966.
Includes lists regarding members, original charter, minute book, membership applications, correspondence, financial records. The 1886-1922 records are also available on microfilm (MF #58).

COR 0226: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Whitehorse Lodge No. 2 collection, #84/40, 1966-1980.
Membership applications, minute book, attendance book for Whitehorse Lodge No. 2, from 1966-1980.

COR 0327: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Grand Lodge collection, #83/31, 1969-1983.
Y.O.O.P. minutes for Grand Lodge No. 1 (July 1969-April 1983) annual meeting.

COR 0346: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson Lodge No. 1 collection, #86/92-1, 1986.
Two pictures of Y.O.O.P. members from the "Alaska Weekly" of 1934, with most identified. Also includes a brief note regarding the discovery of gold in the Kiondike.

COR 948, File 1-2: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Grand Lodge collection, #90/55, 1969-1986.
Minutes of yearly meetings, lists of directors and financial records for the years 1977-1978, 1980-1986.


MSS 0/S 03: Taylor, Isaac collection, #87/51-1, 1915.
Note: Y.O.O.P. membership certificate belonging to Isaac Taylor, dated Jan. 1, 1915.

MSS 08: Ogilvie, William collection, #82/153-1, 1901-1912.
Letter of thanks to William Ogilvie for services to the Yukon, photocopy of his membership certificate, attestation of admission into the Y.O.O.P., Dawson Lodge.

MSS 30, File 2: Nordling, Otto collection, #82/206-1, 1947-1973.
Details on the "Klondike Pete Memorial Fund" established by the estate of Peter Huley in 1973 and maintained by the Y.O.O.P.

MSS 31, File #32: Nordling, Otto collection, #82/206-1, April 3, 1962.
Includes a memo entitled "Historic Buildings, Dawson, Y. T.", which provides details on the Y.O.O.P. Pioneer Hall in Dawson.

MSS 32, File 37: Nordling, Otto collection, #82/206-1, 1947-1973.
Includes newspaper clippings on the Y.O.O.P and Sourdough reunions.

MSS 35, File 38: Nordling, Otto collection, #82-206-1, 1947-1973.
Includes newspapers clippings on the Y.O.O.P. and Sourdough reunions.

MSS 047: Olive, W.H.T. collection, #87/014-1, ca. 1937.
Includes the bound version of "Trail of ‘98: Memoirs of W. H. T. Olive".

MSS 59, File #199: Warner, Iris collection, #82/245-1, 1913-1975.
Note: Newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence, article.

MSS 64: Jones, E.H. collection, #77/65-2, Pt. 2, 1897-1958.
Includes typescript entitled "Resolution Offered by Seattle Lodge No. 2, Yukon Order of Pioneers" attesting to George Washington Carmack’s integrity, confirming his role in the discovery of gold in the Kiondike, May 2, 1922.

MSS 080, Files #31, 41: Coutts, R.C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
Includes news photo of Lucille Hunter captioned "Honoured by Pioneers" and "Organization of the Yukon Pioneers".

MSS 087, File #1: Coutts, Robert C. collection, #78/69-1, 1847-1978.
Includes "Alaska Pioneers Plan Homecoming Banquet", Alaska Weekly, 4 November 1955, p.2.

MSS 087, File #8: Coutts, R.C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
Contains working papers for D. Griffith’s articles on Klondike history.

MSS 088, File #17: Coutts, R.C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
Contains a draft of "An Epic Pioneering Adventure".

MSS 089, File #26: Coutts, R. C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
Contains drafts of "Law and Order" and "Free Enterprise in the Kiondike in 1898" by DE. Griffith.

MSS 092, Files #5, 20: Coutts, R.C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
File 5 includes a photo of Y.O.O.P. members, Dawson City, with persons identified. File 20 includes a copy of "The Early Yukon, Alaska and The Klondike Discovery" by W.D. John.

MSS 093, File #36: Coutts, R.C. collection, #78/069-1, 1847-1978.
Original manuscript, Chapter 18 of Trail of ‘98 by W. H. T. Olive

MSS 97, File #12: Nordling, Otto collection, #79/34-1, 1905-1977.
Includes "Traditions of Y.O.O.P., Famous Northern Lodge, Carried Down by Sons of Pioneers at Dawson", Alaska Weekly 1947.

MSS 103, File #2: Garside, Nora collection, #79/124-1, 1961-1975.
Clippings on Sourdough visits, anniversaries.

MSS 105, File #7: Craig Family collection, #80/32, 1887-1972.
List of Y.O.O.P. members from 1897-1949.

MSS 137, Files #16, 19: Faulkner, Victoria collection, #83/50-1, 1896-1979.
File 16 includes 1915 Y.O.O.P. m~mbership list. File 19 includes a copy of an article entitled "Northern Fraternity" dated 1930.

MSS 140, File 36, 40: Faulkner, Victoria collection, #83/50-1, 1896-1979.
File 36 contains three articles on the Y.O.O.P. by A. Baird. File 40 includes a certificate from the Y.O.O.P. annual dinner dated Nov. 27, 1971.

MSS 168, File #5: Garside, Nora collection, #81/27-1, ca 1957-1978.
Includes newspaper clippings, newsletters, pamphlets.

Microfiche Sno: Snow, George T. collection, #80/13, 1884-1947.
Microfiche copy of George T. Snow’s scrapbook, 1884-1925 along with obituaries of prominent Yukoners and Alaskans.

MF #47: Snow, George T. collection, #80/89, 1871-1923.
Microfiche of a manuscript, which was a result of Y.O.O.P. resolution dated Jan. 7, 1896, to document a "history of the Yukon valley".


#1064: British Columbia Archives collection, 1930.
Portrait of Dawson Y.O.O.P. members and Y.O.O.P. hall in 1930.

#1347- 1348: University of Washington collection, 1897-1922.
Group photos of Y.0.0.P. Grand Lodge officials in 1900 and the Circle City contingent in 1897.

#2126, 2129: Vancouver Public Library collection, 1897-1900.
Photos of Y.0.0.P. gathering and participation in the 1901 Victoria Day parade, Dawson City.

#2779: Hegg, E. A. collection, 1898-1902.
Group photo of early Dawson Y.O.O.P. members taken in 1899. during the year 1899.

#3130-3134: University of Alaska Archives, Fairbanks collection, 1894-1941.
Group photos taken in Dawson from 1895-1897 and 1935.

#3749-3751, 4139-4140: MacBride Museum collection, 1897-1956.
Group photo of Y.O.O.P members taken in 1922.

#5767: Kates collection, 1907-1940.
Photo of Dan Curry wearing Y.O.O.P. sash.

#6213: Harbottie Family collection, 1900-1945.
Photo of 40 Y.O.O.P. members taken in 1925.

#6356: Dawson Museum collection, Ca. 1971.
Group photo of Dawson City Y.O.O.P.

#6649, 6659-6661, 6836: Hare, William S. collection, 1922-1940.
Photos of members at social events taken during the years 1923 to 1930.

#7379: Tidd, Claude B. collection, 1914-1946.
Front view of the Y.O.O.P. Hall in Mayo, 1932.

#9086: Adams, Larkin and Cantwell collection, Ca. 1901.
Photo of the 1901 Y.O.O.P. Hall.

#9267: Pasley, Ernest collection, 1921-1927.
Group photo taken in Rampart, Alaska, Ca. 1922.

PHO 0/S 12: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City collection, #82/454-2, 1887-1966.
Some photos damaged, handle with care. Photos of Dawson residents and Y.0.O.P. members, none identified.

PHO 07: Miscellaneous II collection, #82/403, 1898-1960.
56 original members assembled on steps of Pioneer Hall in 1897.

PHO 017: Gaundrove, Margretta collection, #82/219-2, 1898-1933.
Postcard of Y.O.O.P. Hall, Dawson City, erected in 1898.

PHO 047: Finnie, Richard S. collection, #82/414, July 1973.
Photo of a dedication tablet commemorating the first Y.O.O.P. at Forty Mile, taken in 1973.

PHO 050, File #13: Miscellaneous II collection, #82/403, 1898-1960.
Group photo of members in Pioneer Hall.

PHO 077: Jones, E. H. collection, #77/65-1, 1937.
Y.O.O.P. convention, 25 August 1937, Niagara Falls.

PHO 282: Greenslade, Ronald Lawton collection, #85/50-2, 1933-1973.
Includes photos of George Washington Carmack, Robert Douglas Henderson, and the Yukon Order of Pioneers.

PH0 318: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson Lodge No. 1 collection, #86/92-2, 1986.
Y.O.O.P. members with Pierre Berton on Discovery Day, August 1986.

PHO 339: Taylor, Isaac collection, #87/51, 1915.
Colour negatives taken of Isaac Taylor’s Y.O.O.P. membership certificate. Original located at MSS 0/S 03.

Contact sheets #722,728, control #Y-23: Whitehorse Star collection, #82/527, 1960-1969.
Photos of Y.O.O.P. annual banquet, 1967.

Sound Recordings

SR 85-2: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation collection, #86/26R, 1961, mid 1970s.
Tape recorded at the Y.0.O.P. Christmas party of 1961. Various old-timers attending the party are interviewed about their reminiscences of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Published Material:


Baird, Andrew. "Yukon Order of Pioneers".
In Sixty Years on the Klondike, p. 3-4. Vancouver: Gordon Black Publications, 1965.
971.910 2 Bai - also found at Coutts 971.910 2 Bai

Schreier, Rose A., and Alaska State Library. "George Thornton Snow".
In Snow Family of Juneau, Alaska: A Guide to Papers and Photographs (MS 38 and PCA 154), p. 11-14. Juneau, Alaska: Alaska Department of Education, 1992.
Note: Includes listings of correspondence, speeches, financial records relating to the Y.0.O.P.
Ref 016.979 8 Schr 971.910 062 Vanc

Vancouver Yukoners’ Association. Sourdough Committee. History of the Vancouver Yukoners’ Association
Vancouver: The Association, ca 1974.
971.910 062 Vanc


Dawson Daily News
May 8, 1913 - "Origins of the Yukon Pioneers Discussed"
April 11, 1921 - "Old Timers Given a Fine New Home"
June 22, 1922 - "Carmack Foresaw End: Buried in Seattle By Yukon Order of Pioneers"
February 9, 1946 - "Pioneers Hold Unique Gathering"

Dawson Weekly News
March 8, 1901: page 3, col. 1-2 - "To the Yukon Order of Pioneers (In Memory of Charles S. Levante)"

Whitehorse Star
January 24, 1941 - "Yukon Pioneers At Dawson Elect New Officers For Year"
April 21, 1960 - "Dawson ‘89ers Alec Adams and Tim Hibert... (photo caption)
October 1964: 16-17 - "Yukon Order of Pioneers View Seventy Years History"
April 27, 1970 - "Honoured By Pioneers" (photo caption)
July 7, 1973: page 7 - "Old 40 Mile Came Alive For Two Historic Ceremonies"
September 24, 1973 - "Y.O.O.P. Host Sourdough Visitors"
April 22, 1974 - "Cyr Leads Y.O.O.P. Again"
November 25, 1974 - "Y.O.O.P.s Mark 80th Year"
June 27, 1990 - "Pioneers Can’t Delay Obeying Gould Order"
June 27, 1990 - "Women Were Pioneers, Too" (Letter to the Editor)

Yukon Midnight Sun
June 20, 1898: page 1, col. 1-3 - "Souvenir of Gold Nuggets For an Officer"

Yukon News
December 5, 1973 - "A History of the Yukon Order of Pioneers"
June 1, 1990 - "Yukon Order of Pioneers Fear Possibility of Women Members"
June 20, 1990 - "Court Could Bust Open Male Only Club in a Week"

Pamphlets & Periodicals

PAM 1919-07: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City. "By-Laws, Dawson Lodge No. 1".
Dawson City: Yukon Order of Pioneers, 1919.
By-laws ratified, amended and adopted, April 3, 1919.

PAM 1934-16: Hegg, E. A. "Pictures of Pioneers At Dawson in Gold Rush Days"
Alaska Weekly, 17 August 1934

PAM 1948-44: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City Y.0.0. P.: A Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Klondike Gold Rush
Dawson City: Yukon Order of Pioneers, 1948.
August 17, 1948 Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Klondike Gold Rush and the 52nd Anniversary of the discovery of gold.

PAM 1960-35C: Baird, Andrew. "First President of Y.O.O.P."
In Western Miner and Oil Review, September 1960

PAM 1966-67C: Boston, J. "Gold Rush Fraternity Honors Cheechako"
RCMP Quarterly, vol. 32, no. 1, July 1966

PAM 1970-060: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City, and Kiondike Discovery Day Association.
Programme: Gold Dust From Grand Forks, Yukon - the Seventy Fourth Anniversary of Discovery Day, 1896-1970, August 14-15-16, a Souvenir Booklet
Dawson City, Yukon: The Association, 1970.

PAM 1971-161: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City, and Klondike Discovery Day Association
A Souvenir Diary of My Visit to the Kiondike: Diamond Jubilee of Discovery of Gold in the Klondike, 1896-1971.
Dawson City, Yukon: The Association, 1971.

PAM 1977-207: Bobillier, Marcel. "Past and Present Come Together in Dawson"
North/Nord, July-August 1977

PAM 1984-086: Yukon Order of Pioneers, Whitehorse. "Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Yukon Order of Pioneers"
Whitehorse: Yukon Order of Pioneers, 1984.

Levine, Zelda. "Human Rights Case Makes Herstory in Gould v. Yukon Order of Pioneers"
Northernher, March/ April 1991: 12-13.