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Resources: Killing a Northern Town

To Killing a Northern Town

Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities
"How to preserve the character and integrity of communities and landscapes without sacrificing local economic well-being". The case studies in this book deal with communities that service US national parks, but the analyses work for Whitehorse as well.

Barrie and Orillia, Ontario
The archives of Simcoe County Online has lots of articles on the arrival of Wal-Marts in the area - just search for "wal-mart".

Better Not Bigger
"How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community", by Eben V. Fodor. Exploding the myth that growth is good for us, this book clearly and convincingly shows how urban growth can, in fact, leave our communities permanently scarred, and saddled with very high costs.

Coping With Superstores
Extracts from an article by Constance Beaumont - "the sprawl and commercial glut associated with superstores... is not inevitable. Moreover, it interferes with important public goals, such as conserving limited resources and protecting community assets -- a rejuvenated downtown, for example."

Home Town Advantage
"How to Defend Your Main Street Against Chain Stores and Why It Matters". A resource guide for citizens and policymakers, this book by Stacy Mitchell will show you how to assess the true impact of megastores on jobs, taxes and the local economy, and to enact land use policies that deter chain stores and allow Main Street to thrive.

The New Rule Project
ILSR proposes a set of new rules that builds community by supporting a humanly scaled politics and economics.

Walkable Communities
"The construction of a walkable community provides the most affordable transportation system any community can plan, design, construct and maintain."

Wal-Mart's refusal to sell the "morning-after" Pill
Feb/2000 - Wal-Mart dictates morality: "All but 22 Wal-Mart stores have pharmacy counters. In many cases, these 2,428 counters have become the only source for prescription medication in their region. Small, independently owned competing pharmacies have difficulty surviving and are often driven out of business."

Other Publications

  • The Shils Report - Measuring the Economic and Socialogical Impact of the Mega - Retail Discount Chains On Small Enterprises in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities, by Edward B. Shils, Phd., J.J., LL.M. Published by The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Feburary 1997

  • How Superstore Sprawl Can Harm Communities - And what citizens can do about it, by Constance E. Beaumont. Published by National Trust For Historic Preservation

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