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Polar Bear Populations

To All About Polar Bears

    Polar bears live in these 19 fairly distinct areas in the circumpolar North. Population estimates are by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), Polar Bear Specialist Group, 1997.

      Region     Population
Western Hudson Bay       1200
Southern Hudson Bay       1000
Foxe Basin       2300
Lancaster Sound       1700
Baffin Bay       2200
Norwegian Bay       100
Kane Basin       200
Queen Elizabeth       200?
Davis Strait       1400
Gulf of Boothia       900
M'Clintock Channel       700
Viscount Melville Sound       230
Northern Beaufort Sea       1200
Southern Beaufort Sea       1800
Chukchi sea       2000-5000
Laptev Sea       800-1200
Franz Josef Land /
      Novaya Zemlya
Svalbard       1700-2200
East Greenland       unknown

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