The Whalers' Heritage Project

Crew Lists of Whaling Ship Volunteer

Submitted by Yvonne Leck, December 2000

The Volunteer was built at Whitby, England in 1756. A 302-ton ship, round-sterned, 97 ft long and 27 ft wide. It had its hull doubled 
in 1771 to protect it from the Arctic ice, and went on its first voyage in 1772.  It made a record for Whitby of 54 whaling voyages. In 1815 
Volunteer only caught 2 whales (which gave 4 and a quarter tons of oil), but in 1811 it caught 23 whales (148 
tons of oil).  Had a long career as a whaler and its last whaling voyage was 1825.  The average crew when whaling was 40.

March 1772 - August 1772

March 23 1815 - August 18 1815

March 1772 - August 1772
Whitby England to Greenland
Owner Richard Moorsom
Burnett Index states 1772-1817 the Volunteer still in service after 45 voyages and 351 whales.

COULSON	  William	   Master		Whitby
SMITH	  Matthew	   Mate			Whitby
BOYNES	  Jermih	   2nd Mate		Whitby
KID	  William	   Surgeon		Whitby
BROWN	  Jno		   Spectner		Whitby
GRIME	  Jacob		   Hariner		Whitby
GRICE	  Richard	   Hariner		Whitby
ROBSON	  Thomas	   Hariner		Whitby
COATES	  William	   Carpenter		Whitby
FERNDILL  Jonathn	   2nd Carpenter        Whitby
WEBSTER   Thomas	   Botsteer		Staithes
WILSON	  Thomas	   Botsteer		Robin Hoods Bay
COLINS	  William	   Botsteer		Robin Hoods Bay
PAXTON	  Joseph	   Botsteer		Whitby
GLAD	  James	           Botsteer		Whitby
RIGHT	  Bethil	   Botsteer		Whitby
FIDLER	  Jos		   Line Manager		Sleights
CURBES	  Jno		   Line Manager		Sunderland
MORLEY	  Thomas	   Line Manager		Whitby
SCOTT	  Jno		   Line Manager		Whitby
RICHARDSON  George	   Line Manager		Whitby
ASBIT	  Jno	           Line Manager		Whitby
RAW	  William	   Cooper		Whitby
GAMBELS	  Samuel	   Cook			Whitby
ROWENTREE Will		   2nd Cook		Whitby
OGLE	  Thomas	   Seaman	 	Whitby
WATSON	  Armstrong	   Seaman		Whitby
GUNN	  Danil		   Seaman		Whitby
DALE	  Robert	   Seaman		Dundee
ELLIOTH	  Robt		   Seaman		Whitby
POTS	  Thos		   Seaman		Whitby
DRIDON	  Hugh		   Seaman		Whitby
STEWARD	  Alexr		   Seaman		Whitby
BOVEL	  Frans		   Seaman		Whitby
COOPER	  Robt		   Servant		Whitby
CHAPMAN	  Wm		   Servant		Whitby
BERRY	  Wm		   Servant		Whitby
GREGGS	  Robert	   Servant		Whitby
STEPHENSON Henry	   Servant		Whitby
TAYLER	  Edmon		   Servant		Whitby

March 23 1815 - August 18 1815

Whitby England to Greenland
All entered Whitby and all discharged at Whitby.

DAWSON	   John		Master		Whitby
TRIGGE	   Saml		Surgeon	        Paisley
NEW ???	   Josep	Mate		Scarbrough
HARDY	   John		Harpooner	Whitby
HAWKSFIELD Wm		Harpooner	Whitby
GREENWOOD  John 	Harpooner	Whitby
PAGE	   Sol		Harpooner	Whitby
? ICK	   Geor		Harpooner	Whitby
BARKER	   Wilm	        Bt. Steer	Whitby
ELLIS	   John		Bt. Steer	Whitby
ROBINSON   Simon	Bt. Steer	Whitby
LAVERICK   Will		Bt. Steer	Whitby
ROBINSON   John		Bt. Steer	Whitby
LECK	   Simon	Bt. Steer	Whitby
FENWICK	   Thos		L/Manager	Whitby
TINSLEY	   Roger	L/Manager	Whitby
MOFFAT	   James	L/Manager	Whitby
JACKSON	   Richd	L/Manager	Whitby
EVERIDGE   Isaac	L/Manager	Whitby
WALTON	   James	L/Manager	Whitby
ESTILL	   Willm	Seaman	        Whitby
DITCHBURN  Peter	Seaman	        Whitby
GRANGER	   James	Seaman	        Whitby
SHARPE	   Geo		Seaman	        Whitby
CRAWFORD   Mathw	Seaman	        Whitby
HARRISON   Robt		Seaman	        Whitby
HAWBURN	   John 	Seaman	        Whitby
LYTH	   Henry	Seaman	        Whitby
FOWLER	   Thos	        Seaman	        Whitby
FOWLER	   Francis	Seaman	        Whitby
BEANS	   Edw		Seaman	        Whitby
ALLISON	   John  	Seaman	        Whitby
SHEINNINGS? Geor	Seaman	        Whitby
HALL	   Mart	        Seaman	        Whitby
PAGE	   Thos 	Seaman	        Whitby
BURNSIDES  Robt 	Seaman      	Whitby
WALKER	   Sam		Apprentice	Whitby
NAYLOR	   Josp 	Apprentice	Whitby
RUFREL?	   Thos 	Apprentice	Whitby
LENG	   Matt 	Apprentice	Whitby