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Photos of Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon
Among the dunes north of the Wheaton River, I discovered what I eventually found to be the camp of the Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navigation Company from 1898. Here, the sternwheelers Ora, Nora, and Flora were built with lumber milled at this site, and machinery hauled over the White Pass trail before the railway was built. All that remains at the site now is broken fragments of equipment, and at low water, the rotted pilings from a dock. It was those pilings that allowed me to positively identify the camp, comparing them to a photo from 1898.

This photograph is © 2016-2018 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navigation Company camp on Lake Bennett, Yukon