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Photos of Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon
Just south of the Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navigation Company camp is the grave of R. Saunders. Mr. Saunders is, so far, largely a mystery man - all I've been able to find out about him is a brief mention in the 1899 North West Mounted Police report, stating that he died of natural causes on June 21, 1899. Note that his headboard states that he died in May, and I got an email from a man who had met Mr. Saunders' son some 30+ years ago in Calgary, and he believed that his father died in a boating accident. Saunders clearly had either some very good friends or a family wealthy enough to afford to hire this level of grave construction. Note that the headboard and fence may have been installed long after a rough initial burial. See more photos here.

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Grave of R. Saunders (died 1899) on Lake Bennett, Yukon