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Photos of Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon
On the White Pass & Yukon Route railway at Milepost 51.6 from Skagway is Pennington Station. Named after Frederick Pennington, one of the original investors in the White Pass railroad, it served as a section house for railroad crew rather than a passenger transfer point. As well as maintaining the tracks, in the winter crew members would cut large blocks of ice from the pristine waters of the lake at Pennington. The blocks of ice were then put them on a train to Skagway, where they were stored in sawdust-insulated icehouses.

Pennington Station has been closed for many years, but because few people ever visit it, it is still in very good condition. For many years I occasionally dreamt about what an incredible B&B the historic station would make.

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Pennington Station on Lake Bennett, BC