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Murals by Colin Alexander in Whitehorse, Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Whitehorse, Yukon

      Colin Alexander's statement on the North End Gallery site says a lot about his work in the Yukon and Atlin: "My goal is to uplift the human spirit. I want to create imagery that moves people; either through luminosity and beauty or through darkness and melancholy. Whether I work with copper and fire, oil on canvas, a huge brick wall or a pencil and paper - I need that human reaction."

More information about Colin:
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See Murals in Whitehorse, Yukon for over 50 murals by several artists.

Click on each photo to greatly enlarge it.

The Steele Street Patio at the Westmark Whitehorse hotel hosts a mural by Colin Alexander, showing the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush. It was painted in 2004.

Colin's scene of dog sledding at sunset is on the 3rd Avenue wall of The Claim (formerly The Chocolate Claim), at 305 Strickland Street.

Upper photo - in 2010, the sternwheeler Nasutlin was seen struggling through a river full of huge blocks of ice on the facade of Kelly's audio store at 4161 - 4th Avenue.

Lower photo - the Nasutlin mural was painted over with this one of rock music legend Jimi Hendrix, by Colin Alexander. When Colin painted it, it covered both store facades - on the left was Mark & Paddy's Wondrous Music Emporium, and on the right, Northern Hempishere. You can see a photo of the entire mural on Colin's Facebook page. In 2013 when the lower photo was shot, the tenant in the store to the right had painted over their section of the mural. In 2017, Mark & Paddy's is gone and you can see a remnant of the Nasutlin mural exposed where their sign had been.

This mural painted by Colin in 2005 depicts a First Nation family and two shadowed faces of a child and an elder. It is on the 5th Avenue side of the the Däna Näye Ventures building at 409 Black Street.

The picnic area behind Alpine Bakery at 411 Alexander Street is the home of Colin's mural depicting Emerald Lake on the South Klondike Highway.

The CBC Yukon offices at 3103 - 3rd Avenue host this mural by Colin.

Located facing the parking lot at Triple J's Music at 308 Elliott Street, this mural by Colin shows the sternwheelers Australian and William Ogilvie at Canyon City, on the Yukon River just above Whitehorse.

On the east side wall of the T.A. Firth & Son Insurance building at 310 Hanson Street is a mural by Colin that depicts company founder Thomas Andrew Firth and their original building in Dawson City in 1906.

The Riverdale pumphouse at the Yukon River bridge has 3 sides painted with murals, and the 4th side is plain black with this small signed painting by Colin.

A shed behind Riverside Grocery at 201 Lowe Street received a mural by Colin in 2015, and the process of painting it was captured by Christopher di Armani. The name of the city of Whitehorse came from the White Horse Rapids, whose foaming crests were said to make some people think of the manes of a herd of white horses.

The east wall of the H&R Block building at 211 Elliott Street hosts another of Colin Alexander's murals.

This oil tank is behind the old Salvation Army building. The image was first a painting entitled "Silver Child" - acrylic on canvas, 16" x 24", now in a private collection.

In October 2014, Colin painted this portrait of Louis Armstrong on a former freight door on Wood Street between Paddy's Pub and the 98 Hotel.

Colin added a portrait of Bob Marley to the side door of the Pickapeppa Caribbean Soul Food restaurant at 2074 - 2nd Avenue. It includes the Marley quote "Don't gain the world only to lose your soul."

Colin's murals show up in some unusual places, here brightening up the recycling bins in front of the Yukon Inn on 4th Avenue.