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Northern Breed Dog Clubs & Organizations

For breed-specific clubs, see the breed pages

The Affiliated British Sleddog Association
A brief summary of the club's history, and the current newsletter.

Alaska Dog Mushers Association
Race schedules, training tips, and lots of photos.

Alaskan Sled Dog & Racing Association
Helping to preserve Alaska's heritage of sled dog racing.

American Kennel Club
This huge site has lots of information on all recognized 'husky' breeds individually, and on dogs generally.

Canadian Kennel Club
Lots of information, including breed histories and recognized breed-specific clubs in Canada.

El Club Español de Perros Nórdicos y Akita Inu is a Nordic-breed club in Spain - the site is in Spanish.

Deutsche Schlittenhundesport Verband
The German Sled Dog Sports Association.

Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers Association

Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Association
Based in the Quesnel/Wells area of British Columbia, the club organizes the Annual Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Mail Run.

Great Lakes Sled Dog Association
Race schedule and results, and a page for the Juniors.

The International Sled Dog Racing Association

New England Sled Dog Club
Racing since 1924.

New Jersey Sled Dog Club

Nome Kennel Club
The first sled dog racing club in the world, formed in 1907 by Alaskan racers who are now world-famous.

Northern Alberta Mushers Association

North Star Sled Dog Club
Based in Minnesota, this club has almost 200 members, and sanctions races in several neighbouring states and provinces.

The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports
Lots of information and photos of local races, featured dogs and mushers, mushing kids and much more.

The Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club

SchlittenhundeSport Verband Bayern
The Sled Dog Sport Association of Bavaria

Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers
Club history, lots of racing information, and some great racing photos.

Svenska Polarhundklubben
Lots of photos, and information on Siberians, Samoyeds, Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland Dogs in Sweden. In Swedish.

Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association
Based in Fairbanks, the club has a full race schedule and other events.