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Canadian Eskimo Dogs

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Note: the Canadian Eskimo Dog is a registered line of dogs from a regional type collectively known by various names, including Inuit Sled Dogs. For information on the other variations, see Inuit Dogs.

Mounted Police sled dog

Canadian Eskimo Dogs
The Canadian Eskimo Dog Association site is loaded with information about the breed's history, current status, care issues and much more.

Canadian Eskimo Dogs
A description and history of the breed from Wikipedia.

Canadian Eskimo Dog
Wintergreen Lodge in Minnesota has a beautifully-designed site for their 50 purebred Eskimo Dogs.

Canadian Eskimo Dogs
A very interesting illustrated article by Jo Kelley.

Crescent Kennel
Bruce and Carrie Smith's kennel is located in Norwich, Ontario.

Inuksugaqrun Kennels
Kelly Schalko is raising CEDs near Whitehorse, Yukon.

Larquoia Kennel
Laura Pitblado-Kelly's kennel is at Huntsville, Ontario.

Loyal Kennels
Located in Nova Scotia, this kennel has posted a breed history and some photos of their prize-winners.