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Note: this is a regional type of dog that is known by various names, all of which are listed on this page. At this time, the only registered line from this type is the Canadian Eskimo Dog.

The Canadian Inuit Dog: Canada's Heritage
This book by Geneviève Montcombroux tells the story of the breed, from history to nutrition.

Inuit Sled Dog International
This Canadian organization has posted extensive information on the breed.

Eskimo Dogs in Labrador, 1909
A fascinating illustrated chapter from Dr. Wilfred Grenfell's 1909 book Labrador: The Country and the People.

North Greenland Dogs
A comprehensive report on these hardy sled dogs and their part in Eskimo culture, as seen by explorer Fridtjof Nansen in 1897.

Of Dogs and Men: Fifty Years in the Antarctic
This book by Kevin Walton tells the story of the Inuit Sled Dogs used in Antarctica by the British Antarctica Survey until 1993.

Qimmiq: Canada's Arctic Dog
This film by the National Film Board of Canada shows the efforts of biologist Dr. William Carpenter to rebuild the breed in the 1970s.

Qimmiq is the name used by the Inuit for their dogs - this site has an eclectic mix of articles and photos by several people.

Tinka's Greenland Dogs
Katinka Mossin lives with about 40 Greenland Dogs north of Oslo, Norway, and regularly uses them for mushing.