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Ancient People Honoured Working Dogs
This isn't Northern, but it's an important piece anyway, on 1,000-year-old graves found in Britain in 1999.

The Canine Diversity Project
This project is an attempt to acquaint breeders of domesticated Canidae (dogs) with the dangers of inbreeding and the overuse of pre-eminent males. There is an extensive resource list here.

Cultural Sensitivity & Arctic Dogs
In February 1999, abandoned dogs were being "rescued" from an Inuit village by the Montreal SPCA - should they have been??

Dog Sled Tours Around the World
With a little help from our four-footed friends, people in many parts of the world can experience one of the most exciting aspects of our history.

Dogs of the Vikings
This extensive report, with almost 50 photos, describes 11 specific breeds of dogs kept by the Vikings, as well as cats, cattle, horses, bees, falcons and many other animals.

Mushing in the Canadian Rockies Mushing Around the World
From Murrays' photo album, mushing, pulking and other Northern working dog scenes from Alaska to Austria.

Russian Dogs Lost in Space
A page commemorating some of the pioneers of the space race. Another series of small pages is here.

Sled Dog Rescue Sled Dog Rescue
A shelter for Huskies & Malamutes - their Web site has lots of information for those thinking about sharing their lives with a dog such as Miss Bear, whose photo is to the left.

Snowmobiles & Sled Dogs
The invention of personal snowmachines spelled the end of the Golden Age of mushing in Alaska and the Yukon.

Spitz-Type Dogs
This beautifully-illustrated article describes the spread of this general type of dog which originated in the Arctic regions. Part of Kim Nan Young's dog site.

Top 100 Dog Breeds in Finland
An interesting survey of 1997 registrations - 3 of the top 4 are Nordic breeds.

Who Invented Sled-Dog Teams?
A brief illustrated article by Oscar J. Noel, tracing the harnessing of dogs in the Arctic back 1,000 years.

World's Largest Dog Team
A photo album of 210 huskies in harness, pulling a loaded semi-trailer in Whitehorse, Yukon, in October 1998.

Dog Breed Selector
Answer 16 questions, and this interesting site will show you which breeds are appropriate to your needs.