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Norwegian Elkhound

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Norwegian Elkhound Association of America
The NEA was formed in 1935 "for the purpose of encouraging the responsible breeding of purebred Norwegian Elkhounds, developing and bringing to perfection their natural high qualities."

Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain
Formed in 1923 as the British Elkhound Society, working to promote the breed.

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue
Formed in 1996 to find caring, loving homes for Norwegian Elkhounds and Elkhound mixes, in both the United States and Canada. Operated by the John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund.

Norwegian Elkhound
From the American Kennel Club, a photo and description of the breed standard.

A brief description with 3 beautiful photos.

Norwegian Elkhound
A good description and history of the breed from Wikipedia.