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Samoyed Club of America
An excellent breed resource, from history to show standards.

Samoyed Association of the UK/
The oldest organisation representing the breed in Great Britain.

Organization for the Working Samoyed
OWS is an international organization of Samoyed owners interested in working their dogs.

National Samoyed Rescue
A group of dedicated volunteers across the United States helping Samoyeds in need.

Potomac Valley Samoyed Club
This club serves the metropolitan District of Columbia area - the Web site has info on events and affiliated kennels.

Samoyede; The People and Their Dog
An excellent history of the Samoyed, called Bjelkiers in Siberia, by Gregory Alan Newell.

Samoyed Dogs of the Yamal Peninsula
Vladimir Beregovoy has posted some superb photos and detailed information on the dogs kept by the Nenets and Hanty people of Russia.

Crisandi Samoyeds
From Penticton, British Columbia, dozens of photos of Sammies at work and play.