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Sled Dog Events Calendar
Mushing Magazine maintains a world-wide events calendar on their Web site.

ISDRA Race Schedule
All of the ISDRA-sanctioned events in the USA, Canada and Japan.

European Race Schedule
A very complete schedule of hundreds of races in all areas of Europe. Posted by Allajcha Sibir.

Fairbanks, Alaska
The ADMA race schedule. They post race results for races around Alaska as soon as possible.

Minnesota & Wisconsin
The race schedule of the North Star Sled Dog Club.

New Zealand Race Schedule
Keep up with the races in New Zealand here at the Auckland Sled Dog Club site.

The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports
Lots of information and photos of local races, featured dogs and mushers, mushing kids and much more.

United Kingdom Rally Calendar
A very comprehensive calendar, maintained by Sno-Peak Siberian Kennels in Scotland.