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Allajcha Sibir
This beautifully-designed site is the home of a Siberian kennel in the Netherlands which runs a small sprint team.

Anadyr Siberians
A purebred Siberian team from Howling Dog Farm will be run in the 2000 Iditarod team by Blake Freking.

Anduril Kennels
Rob Greger and his family are getting ready to head to Alaska from their home in Montana, to run the Iditarod in 2000.

Anqallyt Kennels
Lots of photos of a championship Siberian sprint team from Sharon, Ontario.

Jedeye Kennels
Jenny Deye, based in Minnesota, has run the Junior Iditarod and Beargrease, and has some great stories and photos on this site.

North Wapiti Kennels
Karen and Mark Ramstead live in Perryvale, Alberta, and raise Siberians that compete in conformation, obedience and racing.

Peak Performance Kennels
Rob Bryce's racing team is based in Prince George, British Columbia. He's posted lots of high-quality mushing photos here.

SIBEX Kennels and Siberians
Lots of information and links on sled dog racing and Siberians, in Michigan and beyond.

Takalek Kennels
This kennel in Tok, Alaska, offers instruction in every aspect of competition speed mushing. Trained dogs are also for sale.

The Wolf's Den
This kennel breeds CKC/AKC registered Siberian Huskies for sled racing.