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Alaska Homesteads Inc.

Deed To a Bona fide Alaskan Homestead

This Certificate announces, bears evidence and states certainly that ALASKA HOMESTEADS COMPANY, grantor, does convey and quitclaim unto this pioneer:


Who is a full, bona fide and articulate participant in the future and development of the 49th State, by virtue of ownership and possession forever of Alaskan real property, the full legal description of which is as follows:

Lot 427 of Block 32 of Alaska Homesteads subdivision according to plat 66-40, dated October 14th, 1966, as filed in the McCarthy recording district, 3rd Judicial District, State of Alaska.

To have and to hold said real property, comprising one square foot of fully developed Moose Pasture in the historic and legendary Kennicott mine country of the state of Alaska, the land of the future.

Signed by Don Jack, Grantor, for Alaska Homesteads, Inc.

For and in consideration of fifty dollars and other good and valuable consideration in hand paid.

Alaska Homesteads Inc.

Although the land did exist, it seems that few of these 1-square-foot pieces of property were sold. I haven't been able to confirm it, but I expect that as with most if not all such novelty real estate projects, the land reverted to the state for non-payment of taxes. The certificates show up every now and then on eBay for a few dollars.