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Photos from a Chilkoot Trail Hike in May 1998

The Chilkoot Trail - Reliving the Klondike Gold Rush
Just as I was taking a photo out the door of the warming hut before continuing on, 2 Parks Canada rangers appeared out of the storm. They had been dropped off by a helicopter a couple of miles away, and had hiked in to start preparing their quarters for the summer. Their first job was to find the cabin! Actually, their first job was to ask if I had my $35 trail permit - keeping the trail historically accurate, I guess, as collecting money was one of the primary functions of the Mounties who were posted at the Summit in 1898.

This photograph is © 1998-2019 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Parks Canada rangers in a storm at the Chilkoot Trail summit shelter