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Images from Murray's 1985 Northern Discovery Flight

1985 Northern Discovery Flight
On June 20th, we got off to a late start from Dawson, flying basically up the Dempster Highway. We decided to stop at Eagle Plains for dinner, but the lodge wanted $30 or so to pick us up at the airstrip 20 km to the north (AJ2), so after waiting for a VW camper to get out of the way, I landed on the highway in front of the lodge and taxied into their parking lot. After dinner, a semi that started to pull onto the highway as we were taking off towards him made an abrupt stop and backed up further out of the way. The driver probably tells that story as often as I do. This photo was shot over the Richardson Mountains.

This photograph is © 1985-2015 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Aerial view of the Dempster Highway