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Images from Murray's 1985 Northern Discovery Flight

1985 Northern Discovery Flight
On June 23rd, the weather was still quite unstable, but we were running out of both time and money, so headed north to one more nearby spot we wanted to see - Arctic Circle Hot Springs (CHP), 1.3 hours away. Disappointed in what we found, though, we headed southeast - I believe we filed a flight plan for Burwash Landing, Yukon. By the time we got near Northway (ORT), though, the weather was very bad and we decided to stop there. The rain on approach was so heavy, and there was so much water on the runway, that Fred was yelling at me that I was set up to land on the river! That was a really awful evening to set up a tent.

This photograph is © 1985-2015 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Tenting in the rain at Northway, Alaska