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Images from Murray's 1985 Northern Discovery Flight

1985 Northern Discovery Flight
On June 24th, with the weather calmed down, we continued east, roughly over the Alaska Highway. We stopped at Beaver Creek (YXQ) about 50 minutes later to clear Canada Customs, and a few minutes after taking off again were over the incredible glacial White River. At this point, the highway was a few miles to the south, at the furthest point of the river visible in this photo. We stopped at Burwash Landing (YDB) and walked a mile or so to the Burwash Landing Resort, a place that I would spend a lot of time at, by myself and with tour groups, over the next 28 years until it closed.

This photograph is © 1985-2015 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Aerial view of the White River, Yukon