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How Loon got his Spots - Wolf Willow Cottage, Yukon

  Situated on a small lake in the Yukon wilderness, Wolf Willow Cottage is the perfect place to contemplate the mysteries of the northern world and the animals that live there. There on the shore of Crag Lake, Gail Wilson creates arts, crafts and stories that celebrate that world.

  I'd like to introduce you to a little slice of that world with these three stories that relate how Loon got his spots, how Moose got his satchel, and how Wind, Wolf and Willow live together.

How Loon got his Spots

How Moose got his Satchel

The Story of Wolf & Willow

The loon graphic is © 2001-2008 by Gail Wilson and Wolf Willow Cottage. Both the stories and graphic are published here with permission.