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Photos of Wilderness Graves in the Yukon

Wilderness Graves in the Yukon
In loving memory of
Jennie Lynn Howie
January 23, 1959 - January 5, 2005
Forever with us in our hearts
Mrs. Howie was the first female director of the Transport Services Branch in the Government of Yukon. Under her leadership, numerous pieces of legislation were passed relating to impaired, uninsured and suspended driving. She also was influential in ensuring that commercial vehicles, drivers, and inspectors were trained and held to the same safety standards as the rest of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Howie was also responsible for the creation of the Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame in 1996 to preserve the transportation history of Yukon. In 2016, Mrs. Howie was named Yukon Transportation Person of the Year.
The grave is located in the abandoned Conrad townsite, above the tramway station and mining company dock.

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