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Photos of the Fort Selkirk Cemetery, Yukon

Fort Selkirk Cemetery, Yukon
In the grave enclosure of Charles Horsfall is a piece of plywood with five small memorial plaques rivetted to it:

Zimmerlee, James Joseph (Joddy)
R.C. Navy vet
Free from the kat skiner dangers

Schofield & Zimmerlee fur trade
Selkirk & Russell Creek
Billie & Art will rest as they lived here in the Yukon

Zimmerlee (Horsfall), Lily
Rests beside her brother

Alcock, James William George
R.C. Army vet
Rests at his Richmond home

Money (Caddy), Shirley
Rests beside her mother

This photograph is © 2017 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Memorial plaques in the cemetery at Fort Selkirk, Yukon