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Photos of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cemetery at Dawson City, Yukon

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cemetery at Dawson City, Yukon
NWMP / RNWMP / RCMP Monument

In 1898, the death of Constable Henry Dundas of the Northwest Mounted Polce (NWMP) necessitated the establishment of a cemetery for the NWMP in Yukon. It was decided the cemetery would be in Dawson City as this was the Yukon Headquarters for the NWMP. A 40' x 43' plot of land was selected in the Hillside Cemetery.

Police funerals are rich in tradition and ceremony. Police officers in their ceremonial uniform carry out their duties with military precision and reverence. The burial ceremony pays tribute and shows respect to those deceased members for their service to the community, the RCMP, and Canada.

The RCMP Cemetery was rededicated on Septemer 14th, 2002. Over 50 RCMP officers from across Canada and the Alaska State Troopers participated in the Memorial Service and Regimental Ball. The ceremony was held to reaffirm the respect of serving and veteran police officers for those who have gone before.

Today, the RCMP Cemetery continues to be a permanent memorial dedicated to the police officers interred here.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
"M" Division

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A monument explaining the history and purpose of the RCMP cemetery