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U.S. Submarine Nautilus - 1931 North Pole Attempt

    In 1931, Sir Hubert Wilkins unsuccessfully attempted to reach the North Pole in a retired United States Navy submarine, the O-12, renamed Nautilus by Wilkins. More information about the voyage can be seen here. The photo below shows 11 of the 25 crew members upon their return to the United States on October 5, 1931. A full list of crew members can be seen by clicking here. To read an excellent account of all US submarines which operated in the polar regions, see Submarines Under Ice, by Marion D. Williams.

Press photo caption:

Home from Perilous Arctic Dash---in Polar-bound Submarine
New York....Eleven members of the crew of the polar-bound submarine Nautilus, arriving on the S.S. American Banker today (Monday) following the near-fatal culmination of their daring dash through the Arctic Circle. Although the party did not cross the Pole, plans are already progressing for another attempt in a more adequately-equipped submarine. Left to right (front row): Frank D. Shaw, H. Carl Schnetter, Clarence D. Holland, Frank Crilley, and Ray E. Meyers; back row, (left to right), Harry Zoeller, Raymond Drakio, Cornelius Royster, Vadim Stavrakov, Edward Clark, John A. Janson.

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A press photo of the 11 crew members from the submarine Nautilus upon their return from a 
North Pole attempt in 1932.

Name Rank Duration Aboard
Frank Arthur O. BlumbergChief ElectricianComplete voyage
Edward ClarkQuartermasterComplete voyage
Frank CrilleyMaster DiverComplete voyage
Sloan DanenhowerCommanderComplete voyage
Emile DoredPhotographerNorway to end of voyage
Raymond W. DrakioAssistant EngineerComplete voyage
Jacob FleutschMess boyComplete voyage
Willard I. GrimmerAssistant Radio EngineerPhiladelphia to New York
Clarence D. HollandAssistant EngineerComplete voyage
John R. JansonAssistant EngineerComplete voyage
Siguard JohnsonShip's CarpenterPhiladelphia to Norway
John H. LundbeckAssistant ElectricianPhiladelphia to Norway
Ray E. MeyersChief Radio OperatorComplete voyage
Oliver C. RiggsFirst Assistant EngineerPhiladelphia to England
Harry RothschildCookPhiladelphia to Norway
Cornelius P. RoysterAssistant EngineerComplete voyage
Isaac SchlossbackLieut-CommanderComplete voyage
H. Carl SchnetterAssistant EngineerComplete voyage
Ralph D. ShawChief EngineerComplete voyage
Floyd M. SouleFirst Assistant ScientistNorway to end of voyage
Emil StamnessReplacement CookNorway to end of voyage
Vadim George StavrakovSecond EngineerEngland to end of Voyage
Dr. Harold U. SverdrupChief ScientistNorway to end of voyage
Dr. Bernhard VillingerPhysician and 2nd Ass't ScientistNorway to end of voyage
Harry ZoellerAssistant EngineerComplete voyage