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Blanche Beauchamp (1873-1913)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Weekly Star - Friday, February 28, 1913

From Kluane

    Ed Bensen, miner, explorer and guide, arrived Sunday from Kluane which place has been his headquarters since early in the winter, his "range" being to the westward from that place. Mr. Benson brought news to town of the very severe illness of Mrs. Joe Beauchamp of Bear Creek, and of the loss of her babe, prematurely born. Mrs. Beauchamp intended coming to the hospital here in a couple of months and will be brought by her husband as soon as she is able to travel.

    Mr. Benson will leave today on his return to Kluane. He is engaged to meet Dr. D. D. Cairnes, the Dominion geologist, at Rainy Hollow early in June with a train of pack horses. Dr. Cairnes will leave the steamer at Haines.

The Weekly Star - Friday, March 14, 1913

Funeral Sunday. Mrs. Joseph Beauchamp and Child are Laid To Rest, 1913

    Mention was made in last week's paper of the arrival in town from his home at Bear Creek, one hundred and ten miles out on the Kluane road, of Joseph Beauchamp with the bodies of his wife and babe. Further particulars of the unfortunate affair are as follows:

    On February 8th Mrs. Beauchamp gave birth to a male child which, being prematurely born lived but a few hours. At first there was every indication that the mother would recover and as soon as she was able to travel to town, her husband intended bringing her to town, with the body of the babe, the latter to be buried at this place. Complications set in, however, and Mrs. Beauchamp grew steadily worse until the 28th of February when she passed away.

    Being more than twenty miles from the nearest neighbor, the husband was in a deplorable situation. He could not leave his wife during her illness for assistance and after her death, alone and unaided, he had to prepare the body, manufacture a box and make the long journey to town with but the dead bodies of his wife and child for company.

    On his arrival here Thursday evening of last week he wired to Skagway, requesting Rev. Father Turnell, in the absence of the local priest, to come here and conduct the funeral exercises. Father Turnell arrived Friday night, the funeral taking place Sunday at 2 o'clock from the Catholic church after impressive services. Burial was in the local cemetery, the babe being placed in the same coffin with the mother.

    The pall bearers were D. C. Campbell, George Thompson, P. Murray, W. Larose, H. Gilchen, Captain Martin.

    Mr. Beauchamp left on Tuesday for his lonely home, but will be in town again in three or four weeks. He desires through the medium of this paper, to thank the people of Whitehorse for their many kindnesses to him and for the respect shown his loved ones in his period of trouble.