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Albert Leonard "Bert" Brame, Jr. (1934-1960)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, September 29, 1960

Young Father Killed in Crash, 1960

    A young Whitehorse resident, 26-year old Albert Leonard Brame, was killed instantly Tuesday morning in a construction accident on the Mayo road, According to the RCMP report, Bert Brame was coming downhill with a loaded DW-21 motorscraper when his vehicle apparently went out of control. John Stanley Ernst, coming up the hill with an empty scraper, swerved toward the ditch in an attempt to avoid a collision but his scraper was rammed broadside by the other machine. Mr. Brame died almost immediately.

    The men were working at Mile 180, beiween the Stewart and Pelly rivers on the Mayo road, where John A. MacIsaac Construction has a road reconstruction contract. The accident happened about nine o'clock in the morning.

    Mr. Brame was married and the father of three boys, five-year-old Kirby, three-year-old Kenny and two-year-old Kelly. Besides his wife Karen and the children, he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Len Brame of Whitehorse; a brother Pat, now living in Alberta, and two sisters, Brenda Lee, Mrs. Ronald Daniels of Whitehorse; and Elice, Mrs. Matt Budinsky of Vancouver.

    Living in Washington are sister Mrs. Betty Guttu and brother Claud Legacy. Grandmother Mrs. A. J. Brame makes her home in Vancouver, and great-grandmother Mrs. A. L. Brame lives in England.

Life Spent Here

    Born in Fort Lewis, Washington, Bert Brame came to the Yukon about 22 years ago. His family lived for a few years in Mayo and Elsa, and have been in Whitehorse since that time. Bert was educated in Whitehorse and lived most of his life here.

    His parents were on holidays in Vancouver when they learned of the accident. Mrs. Brame returned to Whitehorse last night, while her husband and son Claud from the States are driving north.

    The funeral will be held Monday at two o'clock from the Old Log Church.