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Clarence Cohen Campbell (1922-1965)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, March 18, 1965

REPORTED MISSING Clarence Cohen Campbell, 43, native born in Atlin, has been reported missing. Last seen in November, he is five feet six inches in height, weighs 135 pounds and is well known in Whitehorse area. His occupation has been labourer, trapper and cook. Anyone having any knowledge of his whereabouts since last November is asked to contact the RCMP detachment in Whitehorse.

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, September 24, 1959

    A body believed to be that of Clarence Campbell, 43-year-old native last seen in November of last year, was recovered from an island in the Yukon River near Whitehorse Sunday at 6 p.m. Positive identification has yet to be made, RCMP said today.

    Born in Atlin, Campbell was well known in Whitehorse. He had been employed as a cook in the Ross River area shortly before his disappearance and had also worked as a trapper and at labouring jobs in the area.

    Police reported him missing early in March and a search has been conducted since that time. Investigation is being continued.

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, November 18, 1965

INFORMATION WANTED: RCMP investigation officers at Whitehorse are asking any local residents who may recognize this toboggan to come forward with their information. It is believed that the renovated, factory-made toboggan may have been used to transport the body of Clarence Campbell to the ice of the Yukon River where it was discovered last May. (see story)


    Clarence Campbell, born at Atlin, B,C, on April 3rd, 1922, disappeared from Whitehorse late last year. He had been employed by Dynasty Explorations in the Ross River area during the summer months. On May 9th, 1965, his body was found on the ice of the Yukon River near Whitehorse.

    An extensive police investigation has been conducted during the past nine months and the cause of his death has not been determined.

    It has been satisfactorily established that prior to the body being found on the river ice, it rested in a body of water and also, at one time it was at least partially covered with soil. The police report that they have reason to believe the body was placed on the river ice in the late winter or early spring of this year.

    The investigation has also disclosed that Campbell was last seen on Oct. 16th, 1964 in Whitehorse, at which time, of course, there was no ice on the Yukon River. It is known that at the time of his death he had been drinking.

    Police discovered a renovated, factory-made toboggan downstream from where the body was found. They believe it may have been used to transport the body to the river. They request anyone recognizing this toboggan, from the accompanying photograph, to report to the local RCMP Detachment.

    It is also believed that there are local residents with knowledge which could assist in the investigation. The police urge that such information be brought to their attention.

    The death of Clarence Cohen Campbell remains a mystery.