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The Alaskan

SITKA, ALASKA TERRITORY,     Saturday, November 21, 1891


    "John Henry Kinkead, the author of the foregoing paper, was born at Smithfield, Fayette Co., Penna., on December 10th, 1826; in 1829 removed with his parents to Zinesville, Ohio, thence to Lancaster, Fairfield Co., O., in 1836. Was educated at Lancaster High School. Amongst his classmates was John Sherman and other members of his family, the Ervings and others several of whom attained eminent positions. In 1845 went to St. Louis, Mo.; in mercantile business there for nearly five years. In 1849 went to Salt Lake City, Utah; remained five years in mercantile business. In 1854 went to California and in 1860 settled in Nevada. Was Treasurer of the Territory during its existence (three years); was member of the Constitutional Convention which framed the constitution under which Nevada was admitted as a State. Went to Alaska at the time of its purchase by the United States; remained there three years, returning to Nevada in 1871. Was nominated by the Republican party for Governor in 1878; elected; served four years, from January, 1879 to January 1883. Was appointed by President Arthur first Governor of the District of Alaska on July 4th, 1884. Left Alaska Sept. 18th, 1885, by polite invitation of President Cleveland. returned to Carson City, Nevada, where he still resides." - Copied from "Biographical Annals of the Civil Government of the United States," &c., &c., 1887.

This article is reproduced in its entirety. No text has been changed, even where spelling, punctuation or grammar is incorrect in the original.

  • Note that "Zinesville, Ohio" should be spelled Zanesville.