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Primat "Peter" LaFontaine (1901-1962)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Monday, October 29, 1962

Peter Lafontaine Found Dead at River, 1962

    Primat (Peter) LaFontaine, 61, was found dead Sunday afternoon face down in the river at Whiskey Flats. According to information received by the RCMP he had had several drinks during the afternoon and then went to visit a friend, Mike McCallion.

    There he said he was going to the river to get a dipper of water for Mr. McCallion but did not return.

    Mr. LaFontaine was spotted at the riverbank just north of the Robert Campbell bridge by F. G. Hammond who called the police. The fire department also responded with the respirator. However he could not be revived and was pronounced dead by Dr. W. R. Buchan.

    It is thought Mr. LaFontaine died either from a heart attack or from drowning. An autopsy is to be held this afternoon. He is survived by a brother, Joseph in Quesnel, B.C.; a sister, Marie in Trois Riviere, Quebec and by a brother, Ovila in Port Neuf, Quebec. Wallden Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.