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Noel Laverdiere (1873-1946)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

July 21, 1905: "Rev. Father Corbeil left this morning for Atlin in answer to a telegram announcing the dangerous illness one of his parishers, Noel Laverdiere, who was probably fatally injured by a falling tree. Owing to the father's absence there will be no services io his ch urch here on Sunday."

January 31, 1942: "A telephone call from Noel Laviedere [sic], twenty miles north on Atlin Lake, was received saying that Oscar Grand (a woodcutter) had been bleeding from the nose badly for over two hours. Doctor G. W. Meyer left immediately by car with Frank Henning at the wheel. We are happy to state that on arrival the doctor had found the nose had stopped bleeding, but Oscar was in a very weak condition. He however stayed out at the wood camp."

August-September, 1942 ad: "FOR SALE - Or hire ten pack horses equipped for packing. Communicate by wire to Mr. Laverdiere of Laverdiere, Y. T."

The Whitehorse Star - Friday, November 30, 1945

Wolves Playing Havoc In Atlin Area. Forty Horses Reported Killed, 1945.

    Mr. Noel Laverdiere who has resided for many years about 22 miles north of Atlin, B. C., informs us that wolves are playing havoe in that part of the country and have already destroyed forty of his horses. He claims that his district is the breeding ground of the wolves. In one recent trip he made the horses ran away and broke his rig all to pieces. He shot two of the wolves on this occasion, one of which weighed 232 pounds. He also stated that the wolves are so numerous that it is not safe for anyone to go without a rifle.

The Whitehorse Star - Friday, August 16, 1946

Noel Laverdiere, an Old-Timer of Atlin, BC, Crosses Great Divide

    Mr. Noel Laverdiere, who has operated a farm at Indian River in the Atlin area for many years and is one of the real old-timers of that district, passed away in the Whitehorse General Hospital on Friday, August 9 last. He was 73 years of age and was born and raised at St. Marquerite, Dorchester, P. Q. Requiem High Mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Caron, O. M. I. in Sacred Heart Church, interment taking place Tuesday in the local cemetery. The pallbearers were Paul Lemieux, Martin Berrigan, William Smith, W. T. Murphy, P. Chausse and N. Roberts.

June 29, 1958: "The Loyal Order of Moose held its annual children’s picnic June 29 at Laverdiere's farm. Swimming, racing, ball games and free ice cream, hot dogs and pop were enjoyed by all."

July 16, 1975: Paul Lemieux of Whitehorse is noted to have a little log cabin in Atlin. "It may well be one of the oldest - if not the oldest - buildings here, having been built by Frank and Noel Laverdiere in 1898."