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Albert Ernest Somerton (1918-1927)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Friday, June 24, 1927

Headline: Whitehorse Lad Drowned In Ear Lake, 1927

    At the noon hour on Saturday last the town, received a shock when it became known that Albert Somerton had been drowned while bathing in Ear Lake sometime during the forenoon. With his two younger brothers, Leslie and Freddie, and Bertie and Bobbie Vey, also about six and four years of age, Albert had gone to the lake. The boys evidently left about eight o'clock in the morning, and without revealing their plans to anyone. They walked to the lake, a distance of about three miles, and were bathing when little Albert apparently got beyond his depth for the body was found in the afternoon in about five feet of water. The four little lads walked back to town to make known the sad news.

    The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon and was largely attended by friends and sympathizers. Service was held from the United Church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. G. H. Findlay, assisted by Rev. W. H. L. West, rector of Christ Church. Members of the Trail Rangers and Canadian Girls in Training were present in a body and together they sang a favorite hymn of the departed, "Whither Pilgrims Are You Going?" The floral tributes were beautiful, and were from the United Church School, the Trail Rangers, the Canadian Girls In Training, and friends of the family.

    Albert Ernest Somerton was nine years old, and was a bright, active and popular little fellow. He is survived by his sister Violet, brothers Leslie and Freddie, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Somerton, to whom the sympathy of the community is extended.

    In the School Report on the same page as the above article, Albert Somerton, in Grade III, is noted to have attained a score of 84%. Violet Somerton, in Grade V, got 91%, and Leslie Somerton, in Grade II, got 81%.

    In September, Mrs. Somerton and the other children left for Vancouver, and didn't return until November 1928. Ernie Somerton remained in the Yukon to work.