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Alaska-Yukon Bus Driving Photo Album

My Life as Motorcoach Driver/Guide in the Yukon and Alaska, 1990-2013
August 18, 1991: on board an Alaska Railroad train at Whittier. Until the railroad tunnel was upgraded and opened as the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel on June 7, 2000, the only ways to get a vehicle to Whittier were by ferry from Valdez, or by driving your vehicle onto a railroad flatcar at the Portage siding. Whittier wasn't a common destination for us, but I got to take an MCI on a train ride 3 times. In those days, most coaches were 96 inches wide - once 102 inches became the standard, they would just barely fit on the railcars, and driving a 102-inch-wide coach onto a railcar was too dangerous.

This photograph is © 1991-2017 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
The view from a tour bus on an Alaska Railroad flatcar at Whittier