The History of Shageluk

Shageluk is located on the east bank of the Innoko River, approximately 20 miles east of Anvik and 34 miles northeast of Holy Cross. The Innoko drains into the Yukon River. It lies at approximately 62 41' N Latitude, 159 34' W Longitude (Sec. 22, T030N, R055W, Seward Meridian). The community is located in the Mt. McKinley Recording District. The area encompasses 10 sq. miles of land and 1 sq. miles of water.

Shageluk is an Ingalik Indian village first reported as "Tie'goshshitno" in 1850 by Lt. Zagoskin of the Russian Navy. In 1861, a historian for the Russian American Company reported six villages on the Innoko. These were collectively called the "Chageluk settlements" during the 1880 Census. Shageluk became one of the permanent communities in the area. A post office was established in 1924. Residents of Shageluk moved in 1966 from a flood-prone location to a higher site two miles southeast. The BIA constructed 20 homes and a school at the new site.

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History and map graphic used with permission from the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development