The History of Numan Iqua
( Sheldon Point )

Sheldon Point is on a south fork of the Yukon River, about 9 miles south of Alakanuk and 18 miles southwest of Emmonak on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. It lies 500 miles northwest of Anchorage. It lies at approximately 62 32' N Latitude, 164 52' W Longitude (Sec. 10, T028N, R084W, Seward Meridian). The community is located in the Bethel Recording District. The area encompasses 13 sq. miles of land and 5 sq. miles of water.

Sheldon Point was historically the location of summer fish camps, due to its location near the Black River. The village was first reported in 1950 when the U.S. Census recorded 43 residents. Its Yup'ik name is "Nunam Iqua," which means "end of the land." A man called Sheldon owned and operated a fish saltery at the site.

April 2000 - the community of 181 people has passed an ordinance to return to the traditional Yup'ik name Nunam Iqua.

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History and map graphic used with permission from the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development