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The Dempster Highway, Yukon & Northwest Territories

by Murray Lundberg

The Road to the Arctic
Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories
775 km, 482 miles

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    The Dempster Highway is one of northern Canada's undiscovered, yet readily accessible wonders. If you live in Inuvik, Tsiigehtchic or Fort McPherson you've probably driven it on your trips Outside, but not many Yukoners have seen more than the first few miles of it. But even after about the 30th time, I find that driving north across the Arctic Circle is a thrill, and the Dempster Highway is one of only 2 roads in North America that cross that invisible, magic line. Particularly if you can spare 4 days, it offers a truly unique experience.

The Dempster Highway The Dempster Highway.
    As well as being the most remarkable highway I've driven, however, it's also the most unforgiving. In dry weather, there are places where the dust is so thick that the few vehicles on the road pass each other at a crawl. In wet weather, there are places where pulling a trailer through the slimy, ankle-deep slop is a white-knuckle affair. There are places where snow is possible on any day of the year - I've run into snow on August 4 that almost forced me to put chains on my bus tires. And always, there are places where the shale will shred cheap tires to ribbons, and can puncture even the best.

Icy stream along the Dempster Highway Icy stream along the
Dempster Highway.

    Most of you are now mentally crossing the Dempster off your "possible places to go" list. But, in all my trips, I've only lost 1 tire (on a heavily-loaded van), and 1 windshield. And when the Yukon Tourism people started using the term "the Magic & the Mystery" in their promotions many years ago, the Dempster was surely one of the places they were thinking of. The history is fascinating, the wildlife viewing potential is high, and the scenery is breathtaking.

    The Dempster, surprisingly, still doesn't show up a lot on the Internet - see the links below.

    There's only 1 place on the highway where full services are available, and that's at Eagle Plains, Kilometer 363 (Mile 232). Strange name, as it's a high ridge, not a plain, and there are no eagles in the area. The hotel has good rooms and food, and the garage offers fuel, and tire and mechanical repairs. Eagle Plains' most impressive feature is the view - at 2:00 AM in late June, with the sun nudging the horizon, the land just goes on forever.

    There are several excellent campgrounds along the highway, with Tombstone at the south end and Jak (formerly Chuk), overlooking the Mackenzie Delta, being my favourites.

The beach at Tuktoyaktuk, with the Beaufort Sea still frozen over The beach at Tuktoyaktuk, with the
Beaufort Sea still frozen over.

    Once you get to Inuvik, a drive or flight to Tuktoyaktuk is a must. Aklak Air offers daily flights with pilots who truly love the country, and the view of the millions of lakes and channels of the Mackenzie Delta is almost beyond belief.

    Plan on 4-5 days for the whole trip to Inuvik and "Tuk" - if your schedule or vehicle doesn't allow for that, a day trip up to Chapman Lake at Kilometer 117 (Mile 73) will give you a glimpse of the country, without reaching any of the bad parts of the road.

    As with all of our roads, the secrets to really enjoying the Dempster are to go prepared, and to travel with an open mind. Let the country take over - regardless of where you live, it has a lot to teach you...

    Questions or comments? - feel free to drop me a line.

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