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Photos of Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses

Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses
Morley River Lodge: Historic Mile 777.7, Km 1205.5 (old Km 1252)

Photo: June 27, 2008

  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: A Clyde Wann Enteprise. Rooms for families as well as single and double accommodations; modern plumbing; restaurant; minor car repair, gas, oil, tires, heated garage; cafe features fresh trout in season; groceries; trailer space; good fishing in nearby Morley Lake; boats for rent, guide available for big game hunting. Rooms $5.00 with double bed; $2.00 additional single bed.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, store, warm car storage. Accommodates 30 people.
  *   The Milepost, 2002 listing: food, gas, camping and lodging.
  *   Closed permanently in 2005

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Morley River Lodge on the Alaska Highway