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South Klondike Highway Photo Gallery

by Murray Lundberg

Northern Highways - Alaska, Yukon & Northern BC

Murray's Guide to the South Klondike Highway

The photos in this album are shown as you might see them driving north from Skagway. Click on each to greatly enlarge it and see the caption.

The view up Broadway - Skagway, Alaska
The climb up the White Pass.
The climb up the White Pass.
Cyclists in the White Pass
William Moore Bridge near Skagway
Rotary snow plow in the White Pass
Fraser, British Columbia
An icebow
Hiking on an old mining road in Paddy Pass.
A lynx seen along Tutshi Lake, BC
Tutshi Lake panorama
Venus silver mine
The South Klondike Highway along Tutshi Lake
Welcome to the YUkon sign - May 2008
Hoar frost along Windy Arm, Yukon
The Venus silver mine
Windy Arm of Tagish Lake
A mountain goat seen at Pooley Canyon, Yukon
Bove Island viewpoint in the winter
Bove Island viewpoint in the summer
Downtown Carcross, Yukon
Sunset at Lake Bennett, Yukon - 10:45 p.m. on July 30

The world's smallest desert, at Carcross, Yukon - as seen from the South Klondike Highway

Emerald Lake, Yukon - panorama
Emerald Lake, Yukon - in the winter
Spirit Lake, Yukon
Heading out on a Yukon canoeing adventure!
Caribou on the highway near Robinson, Yukon