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First Day Covers from the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Series, 1977

Falkland Islands

Queen Elizabeth II 1977 Silver Jubilee postage stamps

    The British Crown Colony of Falkland Islands displays the two elements important to its history and economy, shipping and sheep raising, in its coat of arms. Named for Viscount Falkland, treasurer of the British navy when Captain John Strong made the first recorded landing in the islands in 1690, the some 200 islands are situated approximately 300 miles east of the southernmost tip of South America in the Atlantic Ocean. Consisting largely of barren moors, the islands are devoted almost entirely to the raising of sheep, with the wool clip exported to England. Granted the status of a colony in 1892, the Falklands are administered by a governor appointed by the British crown.

    Falkland Islands' First Day Cover in tribute to its Queen's Silver Jubilee was issued at Stanley, or Port Stanley, its capital and chief town since 1842, on February 7, 1977.